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Frequently Asked Questions

MOHO Web is an online store that allows you to access and print MOHO-based assessment instruments, instructional manuals, and interventions for use with an unlimited number of clients. MOHO Web automatically scores your assessments online and stores your assessment findings and notes so that you may conduct multiple assessments on each of your clients, run longitudinal summary reports, or download the data into a spreadsheet for outcome evaluation.

All purchases must be on a per-user basis. All charges are inclusive; there are no hidden taxes or charges. All proceeds from the sale of products on this website are used for supporting UIC students and scholarly collaborations that support the continued development and dissemination of research and clinical information related to the Model of Human Occupation. We hope you enjoy browsing and using MOHO Web for your occupational therapy practice, research, and educational needs.

How do I order MOHO products?

You can order MOHO products directly through our website's Products page.

Is it possible for me to purchase paper copies of the assessments?

No. MOHO Web has fully transitioned to an e-store and online database. Your account allows you to access and print all of the MOHO assessments and instructional manuals for use with an unlimited number of clients with no time constraints or contracts. All products must be purchased on a per-user basis. 

What are my payment options?

All purchases must be made using a credit card. If you experience significant difficulty with this payment method, please contact the Clearinghouse at for additional payment options.

Are there any additional fees or taxes?

All charges are inclusive; there are no hidden taxes or charges.

Are there regional distributors for MOHO assessments and intervention manuals?

No. MOHO Web is the only official distributor of MOHO assessments and interventions. 

Where can I find information on assessments that have been translated?

Information on assessments translated into other languages can be found on the Translations page.

What do I do if I want to translate an assessment?

The MOHO Clearinghouse has a translation procedure in place for those interested in translating an assessment. Please submit your written request to the Clearinghouse at for the details of this information. Also please check that this translation has not been previously translated.

Where should I send information or links that I believe may be relevant and useful to the MOHO Clearinghouse?

We always welcome new information! If there is anything you would like to submit, please do so by writing to the Clearinghouse at

How can I purchase the newest edition of Model of Human Occupation: Theory and Application by Dr. Renee Taylor?

Information on this text and other MOHO Related Resources not sold through the MOHO e-store can be found in MOHO Resources. Kielhofner's Model of Human Occupation (5th ed.) by Dr. Renee Taylor can be purchased here.

Where can I find a listing of MOHO related research articles?

A list of references is available on the Reference List page. If you have found or recently published a reference that is not listed please e-mail us that information at so we can update our records!

Does the MOHO Clearinghouse provide copies of MOHO related research articles?

Unfortunately because of copyright regulations we are unable make multiple copies of articles for distribution. Most authors are more than willing to share reprints of their article. Contacting that author may be the most efficient way of obtaining a copy of an article. Please note that there may be a small fee involved with this method. Most articles can also be found through libraries and inter-library loan. If you are having major difficulty locating an article and have tried every avenue and been unsuccessful then contact us at

I am a student doing research on MOHO. Does the Clearinghouse provide free manuals for students?

Unfortunately because of production costs we are unable to provide these manuals free of charge. Manuals are for sale on the Products page.

Do I need permission to copy forms from the manuals for clinical and educational use?

Score sheets, summary sheets and other forms, which are provided in the manuals, may be reproduced ONLY by the single individual who purchased the manual for use in practice. Others may not reproduce these forms for use, and each individual user must purchase a manual. An occupational therapy student working under the supervision of an occupational therapist may use the supervising therapist's assessment manual during fieldwork.

Where can I get information on upcoming MOHO workshops?

Information will also be posted on the MOHO list serv. You may email for specific questions about upcoming MOHO workshops or continuing education.


For any unanswered questions, please contact the Model of Human Occupation Clearinghouse by sending an email to Dr. Renee Taylor (

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